Great Grease Christmas Giveaway!!

5 Nov

Grease the game have the ultimate gift for Grease fans this Christmas! We will be giving away a selection of tickets to see Grease the Musical to a random fan that leaves a message on our Facebook page EVERY FRIDAY until Christmas.

To enter the competition could not be easier, just visit the Facebook fan page and show us some love! Leave us a comment, the lyrics to your favorite song, which character you love the most or upload some pictures of yourselves. Here you can find out all about Grease the video game and how you can have the ultimate party night in, with tips on how to get the look, party food, music a loads more!

Spread the word, because Grease IS the word x


Top ten tips for a Grease Christmas office party!

2 Nov

The Christmas office party has evolved from the era of soggy vol-au-vents, cheap wine and a stolen kiss under the mistletoe. Parties are now on boats, in museums or with a theme from the movies.

Everyone loves fancy dress, so here are our tips for a fabulous Grease themed office party this Christmas:

  1. Invites: Christmas is a busy time of year, send your invites out and plan the date well in advance. November is a good time to do this.  Create a fun Grease themed invite to email to staff…. “ Dear T Bird or Pink Lady”.
  2. Consider your date wisely: A Friday near Christmas and you may find attendees sparse on the ground, other commitments, shopping, parties could divide staff loyalties. A Thursday is a good day, but be lax on time in the next day and consider how much work will be done with a delicate team! (No client meetings and order in the bacon baps!).
  3. Fancy Dress: A Grease party needs Danny, Sandy. T Birds and Pink ladies. Perhaps suggest the best Sandy or Danny win a prize? Arm them with how to get the look ideas.
  4. Drinks: Keep the 50’s theme with the drinks, buy in an old school keg of beer with red cups, make malt shakes for the T Totlars. Mix some cocktails such as the “Pink Lady” (a pink Gin Fizz) and for the boys a “Long Island Iced T Bird”
  5. Food: It could only be burgers. Buy in gourmet burgers and little wraps of chips for the authentic Americana taste (and to line the stomach!) check out this catering company
  6. Entertainment: Armed with Grease the Game, there are plenty of songs that everyone can join in on as well as track and racing games for those with a competitive edge. Bring everyone for a raucous rendition of Summer Nights at the end of the evening!
  7. Secret Santa present. Keep the 50’s theme going with gifts such as nostalgic retro sweets, Bryl cream, Hot Red lipstick, a comb, Elvis CD or a vintage Bow tie from eBay.
  8. Location: If you don’t want the office party in your office, where better to hold it than in a 50’s diner? Hard Rock café would be ace but there are plenty of venues around the country where you could have a Grease party. Check out the Diner in Camden
  9. Dance off: Get a few teams together to have a dance off to the Hand Jive! In the era of the flash mob and impromptu public dancing, encourage the sales department v HR in a dance competition. Check out these guys for some inspiration!

10. Disco time. Keep the party going with a 50’s Rockabilly DJ spinning some tunes such as Dion and the Bellmonts or Elvis.

Have a great party and if you have any more ideas leave a comment! X

Win a trip to see Grease the Musical in The Grease Talent Show!

29 Sep

To celebrate the release of Grease: the Game ™, 505 Games™  has launched The Grease Talent Show through the game’s official Facebook page. Wannabe Pink Ladies and T-birds are urged to get on their dancing shoes, warm up their vocal chords and don their very finest Grease-themed outfits to be in with a chance of winning the following fantastic prizes:

•    First place will receive four tickets to Grease the Musical in London, including travel.
•    The top runners up will receive official Grease goodie bags, including the original movie on DVD, a t-shirt and film posters.
•    Every entry will receive exclusive Grease artwork, available only from this competition.

To enter, participants are invited to video themselves or a group (no limit on numbers) performing their Grease talent, be it singing, dancing, acting, miming, dressing up or anything else celebrating the music and style of Grease. Once recorded, videos can be shared on the wall of the game’s official Facebook page here:

Full competition details are listed on the Grease: the Game Facebook page. The promotion is open to residents of UK and Ireland only.

Published by 505 Games under license from Paramount Digital Entertainment, Grease: the Game is available now for Nintendo Wii and DS consoles.


6 Sep


Half of UK women regularly have a girls’ night in (GNI), proving that not only is staying in the new going out, but we really do value spending time with our friends.

This is according to a survey of 1,004 UK women commissioned to celebrate the launch of Grease: The Game on Nintendo Wii and DS this Friday (27 August).

  • 43% of women in the UK have monthly GNIs
  • 17% of women in the UK have weekly GNIs
  • 9% of women in the UK have fortnightly GNIs
  • 2.5% of women in the UK have daily GNIs

More than one third of women say the best day for a GNI is Friday; one quarter opt for Saturday. But 26 per cent claim the day is irrelevant, it’s the girls themselves that are the most important thing.

Girls apart, booze, gossip and chocolate were listed as three make or break factors for a brilliant GNI. Playing games on the Wii came fourth with 14 per cent of the votes cast.

With an average cost per head of just £5.11, GNIs are also proving to be one of them ost recession proof forms of entertainment around.

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus for Grease the remake?

1 Sep

Justin Bieber announced at the weekend that he would be keen to feature in a remake of Grease with the teen queen of film Miley Cyrus. This appears to have excited and dismayed fans in equal measures. There is no doubt that the pair can sing but can they rekindle the onscreen magic of Danny and Sandy?

We have thought of a few more celebrity couples to pair up for the role…What do you think?

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake? Wouldn’t it be great to see these two back together?

Lindsay Lohan and Micky Rourke?

Posh and Becks? She certainly has the Louboutins for a modern day Sandy…

Katie Perry and Russel Brand? She is the chameleon of the pop world and could for sure pull off the good/bad look. Russell for Danny? He is a proper teenage dirt bag baby!

Paris Hilton and Danny De Vito?

Jordon and Peter? Pete is MADE for the role of Danny…

Can you think of any other mismatched celebrity couples that could play the roles of Danny and Sandy?

The Grease look for the guys

26 Aug

We’ve been talking a lot about the style of the Grease girls, but let’s not forget the guys knew a thing or two about looking good too.

Fancy dress can sometimes be a struggle for the boys, so if you need a simple costume (or just feel like spicing up your own personal style a little…) follow our tips to take things back to the vintage 50s. AND, if you’re thinking you’re too macho for this, just ask your girl mates what they think of Danny and the T-Birds in Grease 😉


A simple, fitted plain black or white t-shirt is the foundation to get the look started. Then it’s essential to tuck it in nice and tightly, and roll the sleeves up high to get those guns out!

Then of course comes the vintage leather jacket that the T-Birds so famously made their own. If you don’t have your own black leather jacket, you can pick up a specialised T-Bird one from lots of online fancy dress retailers from £20 to £30 – and even kids’ sizes for any mini T-Birds out there.

Alternatively,  if you fancy standing out that extra bit, there is always the cream/white blazer that Danny sports in some of the classic scenes. Again, don’t forget to roll those sleeves up!


For trousers it’s all about the tight jeans – Danny is often seen donning black ones but standard blue rinse denim is also very 50s. When possible, the shorter the better, you want them to swing round those ankles when you’re getting your groove on.

Another reason for the jacked up jeans is showing off the essential white socks underneath. Complete the bottom half with some black loafers or plimsoles and you are almost there!


The greased up hair is of course a vital component for the guys Grease look. Use plenty of gel or Brylcreem to slick the hair back and add the textbook quiff and curl if you can master it. If you haven’t quite got the barnet for an organic hair-do, there are plenty of wigs that should do the trick.

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Grease: You are the stars!

24 Aug

We have trawled through the internet to find some fab renditions of your favorite songs from Grease. There are some real stars out there! Here are our favorites so far.

If you have a version of you singing tracks from Grease we would love to see it x

These sisters are so cute!

Keep fit Pink Ladies! So much fun and are REALLY good at the moves.

And if you are a budding Sandy, here is the man for you…. Singing Danny lines only he is looking for his Pink Lady to duo. Brilliant.

And watch this space… there is a great competition for sing stars later in the year. Check the Grease the video Game page for our latest competitions.

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Beauty School Drop Out. Grease

24 Aug

Beauty School Drop Out is THE track from Grease to have the guys running for pop corn and the girls swooning. Frenchy is so cute and the original high school punk to rock pink hair!

Grease the Game
is out on Friday (27th August)…. So here we have the video AND the lyrics so you can practice ‘Beauty School drop out’

Your story sad to tell,
A teenage ne’er do well,
Most mixed up non-delinquent on the block!
Your future’s so unclear now,
What’s left of your career now?
Can’t even get a trade in on your smile!

Angels: (La lalala lalala lalala…)

Beauty school dropout,
No graduation day for you.
Beauty school dropout,
Missed your midterms and flunked shampoo!
Well at least you could have taken time, to wash and clean
your clothes up,
After spending all that dough to have the doctor fix your nose

Baby get moving (Baby get movin),
Why keep your feeble hopes alive?
What are you proving (What are you provin)?
You’ve got the dream but not the drive.

If you go for your diploma, you could join a steno pool.
Turn in your teasin comb and go back to high school!

Beauty school dropout (Beauty school dropout),
Hanging around the corner store.
Beauty school dropout (Beauty school dropout),
It’s about time you knew the score.

Well they couldn’t teach you anything,
You think you’re such a looker,
But no customer would go to you unless she was a hooker!

Baby don’t sweat it (Don’t sweat it),
You’re not cut out to hold a job.
Better forget it (Forget it),
Who wants their hair done by a slob?

Now your bangs are curled, your lashes whirled, but still the
world is cruel.
Wipe off that angel face and go back to high school!

Baby don’t blow it,
Don’t put my good advice to shame.
Baby you know it,
Even Dear Abby’d say the same!

Now I’ve called the shot, get off the block, I really gotta
Gotta be going to that, malt shop, in the sky!

Beauty school dropout (Beauty school dropout)
Go back to high school
Beauty school dropout (Beauty school dropout)
Go back to high school
Beauty school dropout (Beauty school dropout)
Go back to high school

Pink ladies hen party: The ultimate girls night in.

17 Aug

Planning a hen party? We have some great ideas for how to throw a great Grease themed hen party on a budget. What could be more fun than girls a night as Pink Ladies singing your favorite Grease tracks! Planning a cheap hen party can be easy if you have a theme and idea such as Pink Ladies. Everyone remembers Grease and if the young ones need introducing, what a perfect way to do it with a proper sing-a-long, complete with words on the screen.

  • Pretty in Pink: For the ultimate Pink ladies night Grease party, the girls need to look fab. Check out our 50’s-look tips on the Grease blog for how to achieve the retro glamour. Hair and make up can make a fun part of your evening, whether it’s getting dressed up together, back combing hair or painting nails. Sort yourself out with pink hair bands, cotton wool and make up in advance and spread out with your nibbles and booze.
  • Drink Pink: Keep the theme pink and plan some girlie pink cocktails and bubbles. Pink champagne, pink Cava, rose wine and Sex on the Beach cocktails. For the younger ladies and T Totals (not T-Birds): Vimto and lemonade, pink grapefruit juice, orange and cranberry and lots of ice for a virgin cocktail.
  • The look: There are plenty of places to find Pink Ladies fancy dress outfits online, but for a cheap girls night in you can make your own. Just go for some 50’s glamor, tie a pink head scarf in your hair, don your swinging skirts, cute cardigans and even leave a few rollers in if you want to look like Frenchie!
  • The bride: It would be unfair for anyone other than the bride to be Sandy. And on the last night of freedom she really has to be ‘bad Sandy'” Black leggings, a black top, super stacked red high heels and some lippy: “Tell me about it stud”.
  • Music: Grease of course! Grease the video game is perfect for a good sing-a-long with your friends. The hard part is deciding which track to sing, “Summer nights” to “Grease Lightning”. You can sing alone (for the competitive Bridezilla!) or in a gang.
  • Pictures: Make sure you capture the fun of the last night of freedom by snapping plenty of pictures and videos, then compile them as a gift for the bride to remember her Grease party.

How to get the 50’s Grease look: Hair and Make up

11 Aug

The Pink ladies of Grease knew how to rock a look, weather it be Good Sandy with her preppy, pretty dresses or Rizzo with a cropped do and scarlet lips. The 50’s were made up of nations returning from war that had the time to enjoy and play with some looks from cutesy day time dolls to Persian glamor in the evening. To have a great 50’s Grease party hair and make up are important to achieving the prefect 50’s look. Don’t be a beauty school drop out, here are some tips to help:


Short hair: Hair was cropped short and often soft and curly (think Rizzo and Frenchie). Set your hair in curlers or curl with some straightening irons and set with gallons of hairspray. For the day look tie a scarf around your hair to keep in place or glam up in the evening with some glamorous hair clips.

Long hair: For long hair, straight is most definitely out so if you do have long tresses keep them shiny, wavey and tied into a high pony tail with a big colourful ribbon. Sandy looked lush in yellow but match your outfit for the ultimate preppy look.

The Perm: This is a big commitment to a look but if you are a retro chick that loves the era, the ‘Poodle perm’ loved by Lucille Ball (I love Lucy) was massivley popular in the 50’s and will save you from constant hair setting. Short at the sides and big and curly at the top.

Make up

Day time make up: This is now known as the ‘California’ look, a soft and peachy complexion and healthy glow. Apply pale foundation and pressed powder for a perfect finish, peach or pink blusher finished with coral lips. The look is fresh and innocent and you could get away with it at school.

The evening make up: The look could be far more dramatic. High, arched eyebrows, liquid black eye liner and cake on the mascara for flirty lashes. Scarlet, red lips were in vogue, apply heavily to the upper lip for the real retro look.
Nails reflected the look be it night or day. Pastels in honey, peach, pink coral splashed across the fingers of well maintained house wife’s (clad in washing up gloves for chores of course!) while the more vampy reds came out in the evening to match the lips.

How to tie a head scarf 50’s: A video conveys a multitude of words so here is an expert on the matter: Head scarf video.

So, if its the Sandy or Rizzo that you want to be at your Grease party, there a lots of ideas to help you get the perfect look. Do you have any tips? Let us know and we can make this the ultimate Grease the look list!