How to get the 50’s Grease look: Hair and Make up

11 Aug

The Pink ladies of Grease knew how to rock a look, weather it be Good Sandy with her preppy, pretty dresses or Rizzo with a cropped do and scarlet lips. The 50’s were made up of nations returning from war that had the time to enjoy and play with some looks from cutesy day time dolls to Persian glamor in the evening. To have a great 50’s Grease party hair and make up are important to achieving the prefect 50’s look. Don’t be a beauty school drop out, here are some tips to help:


Short hair: Hair was cropped short and often soft and curly (think Rizzo and Frenchie). Set your hair in curlers or curl with some straightening irons and set with gallons of hairspray. For the day look tie a scarf around your hair to keep in place or glam up in the evening with some glamorous hair clips.

Long hair: For long hair, straight is most definitely out so if you do have long tresses keep them shiny, wavey and tied into a high pony tail with a big colourful ribbon. Sandy looked lush in yellow but match your outfit for the ultimate preppy look.

The Perm: This is a big commitment to a look but if you are a retro chick that loves the era, the ‘Poodle perm’ loved by Lucille Ball (I love Lucy) was massivley popular in the 50’s and will save you from constant hair setting. Short at the sides and big and curly at the top.

Make up

Day time make up: This is now known as the ‘California’ look, a soft and peachy complexion and healthy glow. Apply pale foundation and pressed powder for a perfect finish, peach or pink blusher finished with coral lips. The look is fresh and innocent and you could get away with it at school.

The evening make up: The look could be far more dramatic. High, arched eyebrows, liquid black eye liner and cake on the mascara for flirty lashes. Scarlet, red lips were in vogue, apply heavily to the upper lip for the real retro look.
Nails reflected the look be it night or day. Pastels in honey, peach, pink coral splashed across the fingers of well maintained house wife’s (clad in washing up gloves for chores of course!) while the more vampy reds came out in the evening to match the lips.

How to tie a head scarf 50’s: A video conveys a multitude of words so here is an expert on the matter: Head scarf video.

So, if its the Sandy or Rizzo that you want to be at your Grease party, there a lots of ideas to help you get the perfect look. Do you have any tips? Let us know and we can make this the ultimate Grease the look list!


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